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A few things we’re great at


We are using responsive design on web application development so that it can presentable both in computer and mobile web browsers


We use fancy website design and will match with your expectations


We can develop both iOS and Android apps as for your needs


We can provide consulation on your current workflow and re-design it to suit your business requirement

Company Background

Our mission is using our professional knowledge in develop system to fulfill our customer needs. We know running a business is not a easy job and we will charge our customers with an affordable price. We are looking for a long term partnership with our customers.

We are a fresh company run by a small team. Our leader, Charles, has over 20 years experience in software development. In terms of technical, we will use Vue/React JS as frontend, Node.js as backend, React Native as mobile development and WordPress as website development. Those are proved to be effective tools for software development.

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